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Greetings in a sober spirit of adventure…


Suzy in ThailandWhen we are clean and sober, the present has such clarity and it is the time to start passionately living life.  Travel awakens our spirits with the sheer joy of exploration.  As we discover new places, it brings fantastic cultural learning experiences, gratitude for what we have and a deeper awareness of ourselves.  It’s all about discovery, personal growth and spiritual renewal.  Travel for me has become a healthy addiction to express my freedom.  The more I see, the more I long to see.  Our world is a global playground.   We all need time out for recess to reboot our curiosity and playful nature.


There are several other sober travel companies that are very good, but they mainly focus on trips closer to home like Mexico, Caribbean, Club Med, etc.  What sets STA apart?  First, we go farther.  Our destinations are more exotic with a bit more challenge and adventure.  All trips are international.  Most of our clients have traveled abroad although we do get some first timers.  Second, we offer a wide variety of 5 star trips at 3 star prices.  All hotels are first class or better.  We hire top quality guides and provide great rates on group air.  We arrange everything so you can have your serenity on vacation.


You will travel with like minded adventurers but not all group participants are in recovery.  (In all honestly, we have not established a large enough client base now to arrange trips with everyone in 12 step programs.  As we grow, this may happen.)  Presently, we are blending our sober travelers into groups with our parent company “Adventures For Singles,” which has been extremely successful for 19 years.  Sober Travel Adventures (STA) is our new division and it has worked like magic!  Within an AFS/STA group, an average of 20% may be clean and sober  The common denominator is the exciting chosen destination that everyone has dreamed if visiting.  In recovery or not, we live day to day in the real world where alcohol in many “flavors” is omni-present.  We cannot cacoon ourselves from it’s presence anywhere we may be.


Visit to better understand our vision.  You will notice more trips are listed there than here.  All trips on the STA site are led by tour leaders in the program.  Of course you’re welcome to join any destination. If you are sober, you don’t have to be single.  On certain trips, both tour leaders are active in AA with 7+ years sobriety.  On these AFS/STA vacations you’ll feel secure in a comfortable social environment abroad. 


On a recent African safari of 42 people, 10 were in the program.  We strictly honor anonymity within the groups and throughout the trip invite you to join in a meeting with us.  These meetings are intensely special, far more unique, intimate and exciting to experience in foreign lands. 


We’ve held Step and Big Book meetings on a beach in Tahiti, the African bush of Kenya and the Amazon surrounded by squawking parrots and playful monkeys.  Other times we visit AA English speaking meetings in capital cities of some awesome countries.  At an AA meeting in Bangkok once, one of our sober clients encountered a friend from her California fellowship who just happened to be in Thailand on business.  On cruises, we always arrange “Friends of Bill” meetings.  If Terry or I are leading a trip, you never have to feel alone.  We can also easily customize group vacations for your home group (min. 20 participants.) 


Since 2004, our unique concept of blending travelers works better than we imagined.  Everyone enjoys an affordable quality adventure and many have bonded in lifelong friendships.  We never advertise and grow by attraction, not promotion.  Our trips draw quality people and never center around a party atmosphere and we do have large fun.  Our common solution is to get some cultural stimulation, great photos, new friends and memories forever worthy of recollection.  Life can be awesome in recovery.  Sober is alive…it’s time to live.  Enjoy the journey!


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Free Travel Newsletter:  Sign up for the AFS free e-newsletter.  (To preserve your anonymity we only publish the Adventures For Singles newsletter sent out around 6 to 8 times per year.  We feel you'll find the travel information valuable and relevant. When booking a trip, it is up to you to inform us that you are a part of a 12 step program.  You'll have an option to check "Friend of Bill", remember w 'll always your  respect anonymity


Who We Are...

Suzy Davis PresidentSuzy Davis

Since July 4, 2003. I have remained happy, joyous and free in recovery.  As a former flight attendant of 14 years and a tour operator 19 years, I’ve collected nearly 160 different countries stamped in my passports.  My travels in sobriety have become more vivid, colorful, poignant and memorable.  Join me on a life enhancing journey.  From sunrise to sunset, there is a plethora of stimulating cultural activities.  Temptations seem to dissipate in an exotic atmosphere of sheer discovery and joy.  No time to think of imbibing, we’re too busy having fun. I invite you to phone me for more details 877-813-9421.



Terry Pawelko

A partner in business and life (we're married), business manager, web designer, marketing, tour leader, cabana boy and chief bottle washer.  Terry handles most of the day to day business operations of AFS and STA.  Sobriety date September 5, 2002.  

He has extensive background in marketing and sales working as a rep for a large audio visual company the past 20 years and AFS has benefited greatly with his addition to our team.  He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in communication and has traveled to over 45 countries on 6 continents.





What a fabulous trip (Thailand) – my best ever!  You make us newbies feel like family – Jackie B. AZ


Thank you for such a wonderful experience.  Besides all the great people I met and amazing sites, I learned more about myself.  I feel humbled by the experience and stronger in my sobriety from such a supportive environment. – Julie H.  NY


My 7th trip with you and it just keeps getting better!  Thanks for dedication and hard work in organizing these wonderful vacations. – Leah SD. FL


Never in my life did I think I would enjoy a safari this much.  It was simply amazing – as well as majestic, powerful, tender, beautiful, insightful, glorious and humbling. – Nick D.  IL


Sober Travel Adventures Photos
Our Travel Schedule
Terry & Suzy have cut back on tour leading in 2012.   We will resume next year.
 You are always welcome to join us on one of our trips offered by Adventures For Singles.  

No Booze Cruise

October 5, 2013 to October 12, 2013 out of Port Canaveral Florida.
These cruises are more fun than words can describe at a price that is unheard of! Daily meetings, awesome ports of call, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets can't help but make you grateful.  If you want to go, contact:

Larry Scott

Loren Kirby


We are holding cabins on the Carnival Dream for 7 nights
departing October 5th, 2013 and returning October 12th, 2013.



  • $50 per person initial deposit due by 2/7/2013
  • $250 second deposit due by 5/8/2013
  • July 22nd - remaining balance due 
  • Inside cabins from $737/person.
  • Ocean view cabins from 837/person.
  • Balcony cabins from 999/person.
  • For additional pricing and to make your reservation, please contact John Furtmeier, The Vacation Station at 1-803-295-1356 or e-mail at

Virgin Island Itinerary departing from Port Canaveral, FL with stops in: 

  • Nassau, Bahamas 
  • St. Thomas 
  • St. Maarten 
  • And three days at sea 

For Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Alaska, Mexican Riviera, Or Canada & New England Cruises For closed-loop sailings (cruises that depart from and return to the same U.S. port), you need a valid passport OR proof of citizenship and a valid government-issued photo I.D. (driver's license with a photo) or any other WHTI compliant document. Proof of Citizenship examples include: an original or state certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate, original certificate of U.S. naturalization, original certificate of U.S. citizenship, or a U.S. Consular report of your birth abroad. A U.S. citizen under the age of 16 does not require a government-issued photo ID. Important: Baptismal paper and hospital certificates of birth are not acceptable.


  1. Alcoholics Anonymous Founder Bill Wilson would have loved these ...

    These sober cruises programs are "FOR, BY, and ABOUT" our members and their program in order to provide sober vacations combined with a roundup conference. ... 

How to book...  You may book online from the AFS website or phone us at 877-813-9421 and mention "STA"
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  We only post the trips that are by Suzy & Terry, so you'll never "feel alone."

How often do we repeat destinations?
We repeat some trips, but rarely on an annual basis.  Some may be repeated every 2 to 6 years, others may never be repeated.  So if you find a trip that fits your needs and it excites you, book it.
When will next year's schedule be posted?
We hope to be ready to present next year's trips around September or October. Adventures For Singles e-newsletter subscribers will be sent an email notification.  Click here to subscribe
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